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Generations Child Development Center Private Preschool Tuition

As of Sept 2015 - Monthly or Weekly Only

Infant Infant / Toddler ( 6 wks - 18 mos) $900$210
ToddlerYoung Toddlers (19mos - 2yrs)
2 Yr Old2 Year Old (Older 2's - early 3yrs)$750$175
3 Yr Old3 Year Old Early Pre-K$725$170
School AgeAfter-School Care$400$92
School AgeFull Day Camp$750$175
 School AgeSchool Age Field Trip Fees (weekly)$86$20

  • Registration                $100 per child

  • Annual Supply Fee     $100 per child (due every September)

  • C-Day (ISD Closure)    $20 per day + field trip fee

*All tuition rates include meals (breakfast, lunch, and pm snack)

*Tuition and fees are subject to change

****** Tours are given between 9:00am until 4:30pm